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There are number of important information related to tours in India. These informations come of great use to tourists as they get aware of the dos and don'ts during the tour. It makes you prepared so that you can enjoy a hassle free tour. Some of the aspects that you need to know before setting off for an India tour are as follows:


Getting the visa is a must to tour India from the various foreign countries. The visa is available at the Indian Consular Offices that are located throughout the world. It requires a certain amount of money as a visa fee. However, if you are planning to visit the neighboring countries of India like Nepal and Sri Lanka then you require multiple entry visa.


India does not pose any strict health regulations as such for tourists. The only regulation is regarding the yellow fever. Tourists coming from African and South American countries have to take a yellow fever vaccination before touring India.


Customs clearance mainly consists of two channels. These are red channels and green channels. These channels exist in most of the Indian airports. Moreover, tourists are also required to make pre-baggage declaration as a part of the customs formalities.


Information about currency regulations proves to be very important for the tourists planning to tour India. There is no restriction as such for importing foreign currency in traveler's cheques. However, visitors are needed to obtain a currency declaration if he/she is carrying more than or equivalent to US $10,000. The Currency Declaration Form must be obtained before leaving customs. This is of utmost importance as it will help them to take the amount out of India during departure. The money exchange should always be done at official Money Changers. Tourists must also obtain the receipts during money exchange for each of the transactions. These will be needed for the re-exchange of the Indian money during departure from India.


There are certain amounts of payments that are needed as foreign travel tax. Government of India levies an Airport Tax of INR 500. However, if you are departing from India for neighboring countries like Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Maldives, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Nepal then the Airport Tax becomes INR 150. This information will prove to be very useful as they will let you plan your tour much better.


During the transfers, sightseeing, excursions by car and coaches, professional & government approved guides are provided. It helps you to get the right information and access to various secured places. Moreover, the tour costs are inclusive of all taxes. The tour costs also include hotel tariff, charges for guides, transportation with entrance fee to monument, portage at hotels & airport.

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